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We offer a wide range of attaching dies and machinery, from the simplest one to the most sophisticated one. Among our manual, electric, or pneumatic setting machines, you will certainly find a model adapted to your requirements.

Hand drive tools

Expedit - Hand drive toolsWe supply hand drive hollow punches and attaching dies for almost all our products : round or oval eyelets, TIR end-fittings, etc…

Setting Machines and Tools

Manual settings machines

Expedit - Manual settings machinesThis is the economical solution to set various sizes of items, such as eyelets, rivets, cover buttons, or snap fasteners.

Setting Machines and Tools

Semi-automatic machines

Expedit - Semi-automatic machinesThey are polyvalent and will allow you to set several sizes of eyelets without previous piercing of the material. They are suitable for all the sizes of round and oval eyelets.

Setting Machines and Tools

Automatic machines

Expedit - Automatic machinesState-of-the-art eyeletting machine which feeds both eyelets and washers, punches the hole and sets the eyelet in a single cycle.

Setting Machines and Tools

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