Catalog - Setting Machines and Tools

Hand machine tools

Hollow punch

Tools 1000

Hollow punch for Press 1000

Tool 1000

Matrix for Press 1000

Tools 3500

Matrix for Press 3500

Tools 8000

Tool adapter Hand machine for Press 8000

Tools 8000 PRP BIL H1

Hollow punch with ball

Tools 8000 BJP 660 H0 H1

Installation set 40 mm for Press 8000

Hand tools

Round Hollow punch

Hand tools n°420_PRP 420 F1

Oval Hollow punch

Hand tools

Round Hollow punch

Hand tools n°420_BJP 385 F0 F1

Set for oval eyelet

Hand tools

Set for round eyelet

Hand tools TIR NAP OSI 01

Set for end-fittings cable

Tools AT1500

Set for automatic 1500

Hand tools

Set for hand tools

Hand tools PRP EGM M0

Anvil large model PRP EGM M0

Tools MC1500

Set for MAC 1500

Tools MC9500

Set for MAC 9500

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